Gourmet Live: The iPad Only Magazine

The print edition of Gourmet was shut down by Condé Nast a year ago. Gourmet is back and is now only an iPad app. The behind the scene story at Anil Dash:

You open the app and get a nice cover that fades into a set of stories, and then you tap on the stories to start reading. On some stories, when you finish reading you’ll hear a little bell ring and you’ll get a reward: access to even more content about that topic. That shows up in the form of a new “issue”, and all the issues you collect show up on a Rewards shelf that works a lot like iBooks. Pretty straightforward.

Rewards are the best part of using Gourmet Live — read a story on tailgating, and you’ll earn more stories about grilling. The goal was to acknowledge first that content is valuable, and that Gourmet readers are the kind of people who cherish collecting back issues that have meaningful stories in them. But we also wanted to capture some of that delight you get when you read an amazing story and just want to share it with people. Sure, it’s “gameplay”, but it’s not like Gourmet Live is gonna name anybody the Mayor of Cheese.

I would love to be able to cook better so apps like Gourmet Live is of great interest to me. So I went to iTunes and was somewhat disappointed to see some fairly negative ratings. Here are some reasons:

  • No landscape.
  • No flipping pages.
  • Too focused on social networking and less on the pleasure of reading.
  • UI not simple enough.
  • No easy way to get back to the front page from bonus/special sections.

Here’s hoping Gourmet Live 2.0 will be much easier to read and guys listen up: there isn’t a landscape version? Let’s get with it. via Daring Fireball

PS: I just got back from Korea where I drank iced Americanos all the time. I just learned that iced Americano is just no good: ice makes espresso taste bitter. Hmm. They weren’t bitter in Korea. Were they just making me iced coffee?