Engadget: T-Mobile G2 Preview

Engadget on the 3.7-inch LCD sporting T-Mobile G2:

Just like our very proper English counterparts, we found the overall build of the G2 to be superb. At 6.5 ounces it does feel a bit heavy, but if that’s the sacrifice we’ve got to make for the incredibly solid build quality so be it. The brushed metal back, in particular, just gives the entire device a higher quality feel than any of the Samsung Galaxy S phones. The slider hinge also feels very robust and springs right open. Which brings us to the top notch QWERTY keyboard — we’re big fans of the separated keys, and though they’re not as raised as those on the Epic 4G, the spacing does seem just right for touch typing.

Better build quality. Sounds good to me. The display? Super AMOLED? IPS? I’m not sure.