Onkyo TW317A5, TW217A5, TW117A4: Windows 7 Tablets

Available in mid-October will be Onkyo’s three Windows 7-based tablets: the 11.6-inch TW317A5 and the 10.1-inch sporting TW217A5 and TW117A4. I’m not fond of these cryptic model names as they do nothing to help figure out what they are, but the main difference is the TW117A4 that comes with a 160GB HDD instead of the smaller capacity 32GB SSD that comes with the other two.

The 11.6-inch LCD features a 1366×768 pixel format while the smaller 10.1-inch is limited to a netbook-like 1024×600. What dooms these three tablets even before they are out is Windows 7: its UI simply wasn’t designed to be used as a finger-based multitouch OS. Source: Onkyo (Japanese)