Sony Ericsson LiveView: Wristwatch Competition Heats Up

Sony Ericsson Product Blog: First there was Apple’s iPod nano and now comes Sony Ericsson’s LiveView. The LiveView is just 1.3-inch squared with 128×128 pixels, made of OLED, and connects to Android 2.x phones using Bluetooth. The iPod nano has a slightly larger 1.54-inch LCD with multitouch and packs almost 4x the number pixels with 240×240. But when it comes to using these little things as wristwatches size is of utmost importance; let’s see what wristwatch options we get for LiveView. Oh, besides using it as a wristwatch the LiveView is suppose to be another gadget you need to recharge and carry around with your Android phone, just in case you’re running or something and can’t be bothered with looking at a huge smartphone.