Samsung SCH-i400 Continuum: Two Displays

Samsung’s SCH-i400 also known as Continuum has two displays: one main and one below the main. The secondary display uses OLED technology and is called the Ticker for such things as notifications, RSS updates, weather, etc. The Ticker turns on automatically when you hold the bottom of the Continuum.

Two displays. Double the hardware complexity. Double the complexity to support it from OS and other apps. And what if just one breaks? The main and really big problem about this type of design where you use an additional hardware component to add functionality is this: it can be done simply and elegantly with a bigger single display. Has Samsung not learned anything from the iPhone or iPad?

Before the iPhone there was a clear but wrong-headed trend toward adding more, bigger displays. For a clamshell the main display inside was getting bigger and then the secondary display on the cover got added and started getting bigger too. For what? The convenience of not having to open your phone? To save you a bit of time and battery life?

The iPhone design paradigm crushed all of that nonsense. One big display. One button. And everything is done via the multitouch UI and software. My recommendation to Samsung: make the entire front a big display, like the iPhone, and try to move forward. Source: Engadget