LG Delays Android Tablet


LG Electronics Inc said on Monday that it had scrapped a plan to launch a tablet computer based on Google Inc’s Android 2.2 operation system known as “Froyo,” a decision that may delay the rollout of its first tablet PC slated for next quarter.

Originally LG was to launch an Optimus-branded content-creation-focused tablet in the fourth quarter. Chang Ma, LG VP, The Wall Street Journal, August 19th:

Our tablet will be better than the iPad.

As far as I know there will be a major shuffling of executives at LG’s mobile business unit at the end of this year. With new bosses there will certainly be new directions, especially at a top-down company like LG.

Unfortunately for LG, a major electronics brand in many parts of the world, the company is losing ground in both smartphones and tablets. With another delay, by the time LG comes out with its first tablet the competition will be on their second generation devices. And the competition is fierce: Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. There is hope though. Even other brands like Research In Motion (RIM) is experiencing difficulties bringing forth a decent tablet to compete against the iPad. The PlayBook is slated for an early-2011 release, around when LG will be releasing its Optimus tablet.