Hitachi 6.6-inch IPS Tablet Display

Impress: Hitachi’s 6.6-inch IPS tablet LCD sports an amazing 1600×1200 pixel format resulting in a resolution of 302 PPI, just a little less than the industry-leading Retina Display with a 326 PPI. Of course the Retina Display has been shipping on the iPhone 4 for some time while Hitachi’s 6.6-inch IPS LCD panel has no definite timeline for mass production: that really is the big difference.

The aspect ratio on the 6.6-inch IPS LCD by Hitachi is 4:3, which is the same as the iPad. Other specs include: 800:1 contrast ratio, 400 cd/m2 brightness.

Even if Apple is working on a smaller iPad there is no way Apple would allow a display supplier like Hitachi to showcase the panel. Personally, I don’t think Apple is working on a 7-inch iPad, but I could be wrong.