Electrofluidic ePaper: Gamma Dynamics, University of Cincinnati


The tech is similar to that in E Ink but, instead of simple microcapsules having both black and white ink plus a clear oil, the Gamma Dynamics pixels have a colored fluid in a pixel that’s split by a reflective sheet. Using voltage applied to these pixels the ink can be forced up above or pulled down below the reflective separator, forming an image in a video-capable 20ms and delivering a near paper-matching 70 percent reflectivity.

Having been in the display industry since 2001 I don’t get too excited over prototypes. Most technology one-offs are still in labs. One very important factor is manufacturability and more specifically using existing LCD equipment. I’m excited about this electrofluidic epaper because it can be manufactured using existing LCD plants and that makes a huge difference. Still volume manufacturing is about three years away. Source: University of Cincinnati