Flash: Better To Have Than Not To Have?

David Pogue, The New York Times:

Over all, it’s much better to have Flash than not to have it. O.K., it may accelerate battery drain, and mouse/keyboard games are clumsy, and it doesn’t work on absolutely all sites. Even so, shouldn’t it be available for us to use now and then when we need it?

I uninstalled Flash from Safari on my MacBook Pro and ever since my blogging experience has been slowdown-free, but I do have to switch over to Opera (with Flash) to watch the occasional Flash video, which slows Opera down to a crawl. I almost always quit Opera once I am finished watching. Interestingly, when I see the ‘HTML5’ logo on YouTube and Vimeo videos I feel a sense of relief. I don’t exactly know why, but maybe its because I’ve been liberated from having to experience Flash on Opera.

There are two exceptions: I do watch Glee and Lie To Me on Hulu using Opera.