Glif: iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand

Glif is exactly what I’m looking for, and a lot more. Just two days ago I gave up using a Motorola RAZR, stopped by an Apple Store, and upgraded to an iPhone 4. After using the iPhone 4 for just a few days I believe it is good enough to replace your point-and-shoot digital camera. And the best thing about using the iPhone 4 as your camera is that you take it almost everywhere you go.

I originally got word about Glif via Daring Fireball. Here’s what Glif is all about according to Dan Provost and Thomas Gerhardt on Kickstarter:

The idea for the Glif was first formed when we realized the iPhone 4 is literally the best camera we’ve ever owned. With the addition of HD video recording and High Dynamic Range photography, it’s clear Apple is positioning the iPhone as a very high quality portable camera. But because of its small form factor (and Apple’s minimalist design approach) it will never contain a threaded nut for attaching a tripod – standard on almost all photo and video cameras. Solutions for mounting an iPhone to a tripod exist (DIY or otherwise) but they are typically bulky and cumbersome. Our goal was to create something small, simple, and elegant.

Glif is very exciting to me. I’m looking forward to getting a 3D printed Glif a little after November 2nd, when the Kickstarter project funding ends.

Highly recommended.