Dell Venue Pro aka Lightning

Image source: Engadget

The Dell Venue Pro is also known as the Dell Lightning. The Windows Phone 7 smartphone sports a huge 4.1-inch AMOLED display protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass. The pixel format is 800×480, just like all the other WP7 phones announced today. There is no mention of ‘super’ anywhere so I’m assuming the Venue Pro will be harder to see in direct sunlight than all the Samsung Galaxy S variants or the iPhone 4. But maybe the larger icons and text on the huge AMOLED screen will make up for it.

Now 4.1-inch is pretty big and tall so guess how top-heavy it’ll be when you slide out a QWERTY keyboard. My guess is that the Dell Venue Pro with the QWERTY keyboard slid out is going to be just a tad unruly. Engadget must not have noticed:

We’ll be hoping to grab some more time with the T-Mobile version today, but from what we’ve seen so far we’re fairly confident that Dell’s struck pretty darn close to gold here.