HP S1933: 18.5-inch Budget Monitor

The HP S1933 is a real budget monitor. The 18.5-inch LCD sports a limited 1366×768 pixel format. And here are some other budget specs: 200 cd/m2 of brightness (most monitors are around 300), 600:1 contrast ratio (most good ones are 1000:1), 5ms response time, and a VGA-only analog connection.

Instead of using four CCFL lamps in the backlight the S1933 uses just two. So HP is touting that it has 50% less mercury, which is a good thing. But compared to LCD monitors using LED backlights that don’t use any mercury at all, I’m not sure if having less mercury is such a great thing; I’d rather have zero mercury. But zero mercury costs a lot, quite a bit more than the cost of HP’s S1933: US$125. So if you really want to be green, get a LCD monitor with a LED backlight. On the other hand, if cost is the biggest concern just use the existing monitor(s) for another year or two until LED-backlit LCD monitors come down in price.