Sony Internet TV

Image source: Engadget

Sony announced its Internet TV today along with a keypad sporting full QWERTY keyboard about the size of a Logitech Mini Controller. Sony sure packed in a lot of keys into a small pad.

The Sony Internet TV is billed as, “The world’s first HDTV powered by Google TV”. The Sony Internet TV will come in four sizes: 24 (US$599), 32 ($799), 40 ($999), 46 ($1399). Not that expensive for Sony.

Sony movie releases will be available on the Sony Internet TV first. And most likely you’ll be paying a bit for that privilege too.

As you can see from the photo above you can PIP what you’re watching and tweet. It looks as though Sony has done a lot of homework and has done a fairly good job of bringing the computer into the TV and customizing it so it works the way we would want it to if the main activity was watching video while doing other things. Source: Sony