Tim Bray: Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Tim Bray on the Samsung Galaxy Tab:

This is an excellent product. It’s fast, beautiful, useful, responsive, and convenient. If Samsung picks the right price point and channels, they’ll sell a ton.

Bray does mention a design flaw: the four touch buttons. They are hard to find in dim lighting, especially since they are not backlit most of the time. I personally don’t like touch buttons and prefer real ones, made for human fingers, like the one on the iPhone and the iPad.

This is what most interested me:

Now that I’ve gotten used to looking at my pix on the Tab, it’s not just that the Nexus One looks overexcited, it’s that my everyday MacBook looks kind of dingy and inaccurate.

First, the Tab uses a fairly high-quality LCD. Second, the Nexus One uses a PenTile Matrix OLED. Third, if Bray is using a non-Pro MacBook the LCD is pretty crappy. I haven’t heard of the term ‘overexcited’ to describe the tendency of OLED displays to show over-saturated colors. I think I’ll be using that word from now on.

And then the funniest:

Try to take a picture of someone and they’re going to get this alarmed look wondering why a crazy person is waving a big black/white slab at them.

via Daring Fireball