Engadget: HP Envy 17 Review

Engadget‘s Joanna Stern:

That brings us to our favorite part of the Envy 17: its edge-to-edge glass, 1920 x 1080-resolution, 17.3-inch BrightView display. Maybe it’s that we’ve gotten so used to 13- and 15-inch laptops, but the extra screen space is much appreciated for keeping multiple windows scattered around while working and then closing them down to watch a movie in true HD on Blu-ray. Speaking of which, that high definition experience on this rig is nothing short of magnificent — we queued up Sweeny Todd on the big screen and we were immersed in the crisp quality of the Tim Burton’s world.

1920×1080 combined with Blu-ray is a perfect match for a multimedia notebook. There are smaller units that sport 1920×1080 but because modern operating systems still lack resolution independence you’ll be getting tiny fonts and icons. Sure you can change the DPI settings on Windows but then you’ll be dealing with fonts and icons that are larger but ugly too. I think a 17-inch display is a very good size for this pixel format. The only real question is: can you deal with the weight?

A notebook PC is more than just the display, but not by much. When I’m in front of my 17-inch MacBook Pro I am interacting with the display 100% of the time. Sure the keyboard, battery life, etc. are all important but the most important is the display. It isn’t surprising that a display guy like me would say this but I imagine it is the same with you. I wonder when the MacBook will sport an IPS LCD…