Engadget: Nokia N8 Review

Engadget‘s Vlad Savov regarding the display:

What lies beneath it is a 3.5-inch AMOLED display stretching to 640 x 360 resolution. That’s obviously not the densest panel you can own anymore, but neither is it a slouch. The N8’s vibrancy and color saturation look highly accurate while the auto-brightness guesses correctly most of the time and gives you enough power — unless you’ve got the sun shining directly down on the phone, of course — to get on with your Symbian^3 business. That resolution is really the only thing holding this display back, but it’s not like Nokia can do too much about it now.

Not the densest panel? How about near-bottom? All high-end Android phones are at 800×480. Windows Phone 7 hardware is at 800×480. The iPhone leads with 960×640. Correction: the N8’s display in terms of pixel density is not near-bottom but at rock bottom. At least the N8’s display is tough thanks to Corning’s Gorilla Glass.