John Sculley: Steve Jobs’ Strategy

Cult of Mac editor Leander Kahney interviews John Sculley, the ex-Pepsi guy best known for kicking Jobs out of Apple. Sculley shares the secrets to Jobs’ success:

Beautiful Design, End-To-End Customer Experience, No Focus Groups:

Steve said: “How can I possibly ask somebody what a graphics-based computer ought to be when they have no idea what a graphic based computer is? No one has ever seen one before.”

Perfectionism, Big Vision, Minimalism, Systems Thinker:

He’s a minimalist and is constantly reducing things to their simplest level. It’s not simplistic. It’s simplified. Steve is a systems designer. He simplifies complexity.

Keep It Small:

I can’t remember more than a hundred first names so I only want to be around people that I know personally… The way I like to work is where I touch everything.

Reject Bad Work:

… he would be almost merciless in terms of rejecting their work until he felt it had reached the level of perfection that was good enough…

And: Hire The Best, Sweat The Details.