Verizon iPad

The Loop via Daring Fireball: Well, not quite. For a 3G iPad you’ll still need to go AT&T. Starting October 28th, just two weeks from now, Verizon Wireless stores will be selling Apple’s iPad, the WiFi-only variety, in three bundles.

  • iPad 16GB + MiFi $629.99
  • iPad 32GB + MiFi $729.99
  • iPad 64GB + MiFi $829.99

The cost of data? $20/mo for 1GB. This sounds like a pretty good deal. The 3G iPad 16GB costs $629.00 and the AT&T data plans cost $14.99 for 250MB and $25 for 2GB. The Verizon deal looks very good if you regularly eat up more than 250MB but don’t want to shell out $25. There are other considerations though.

The MiFi lasts about 3 1/2 hours so you’ll need to be near a power socket if you plan on getting online for more than that. The MiFi is also another gadget to recharge (power adapter and cable) and carry around. The additional 750MB for only $5 extra is sweet and you can your other gadgets (iPhone, MacBook, etc.) on Verizon’s 3G network too.

Verizon will sell the iPad sans MiFi, too. AT&T will also start selling the iPad on the same day. The surprising thing is that Apple is now working with Verizon. I wonder how long before we get to see a real EVDO iPad. Or a CDMA iPhone. I’m guessing not too long.