Canon 60D

Mark Goldstein at Photography Blog:

Just like the 7d and 550D / Rebel T2i models, the EOS 60D offers a choice of 24, 25 or 30fps when recording Full HD video clips, and 50/60fps when shooting at 720p or VGA resolution.

This is good.

The EOS 60D will not automatically adjust focus during filming, but you can initiate auto focus at any time while recording a clip. However, be warned that this can do more harm than good, as the microphone can pick up the sound of the focus motor, and the subject might even go out of focus for a few seconds.

This is not. A silent focus motor is vital for video-capable DSLRs, is it not? A Canon DSLR first: an articulating 3-inch 740×480 3:2 aspect ratio LCD.