GelaSkins: NYC Spidey by Marvel

I’ve been hanging on to a couple GelaSkins for too long so I decided it was time I did a quick review. One was Iron Man in a crouched position after just landing. The other was Spiderman; I chose Spidey. Besides Spidey is much stronger than Iron Man.

GelaSkins are made using 3M’s Controltac, a “Graphic Marking System”. These skins are removable, bubble-free, and has an anti-scratch, anti-UV coating. Getting one of these skins on the cover of my 17-inch MacBook Pro took a bit of concentration, but it is quite doable and took about five minutes.

Perfectly centering the skin requires some skill; I recommend starting from a corner, making sure to place the tip about 1/4-inch from the edge. Getting it bubble-free requires some work, too. I used kleenex to rub the skin on. Once on my MacBook Pro looks quite… superhero-y, as you can see.

Spidey on my MacBook, a bit of scratch/UV protection, and an additional benefit of helping you get a better grip, all sounds good. GelaSkins are priced around $20-$30. Get yours at this Amazon link and I’ll get a little kickback.