Motorola Mobility: Sues To Invalidate Apple Mobile Technology Patents

Ars Technica:

Apple sued HTC earlier this year, claiming its Android smartphones violated as many as 24 of its own patents related to operating systems, GUIs, and other technologies. Since Apple claims that Android violates many of these patents, Motorola is moving to have the patents declared invalid, hoping to head off an Apple defense.

Motorola might be able to delay an offensive from Apple for a little while but Motorola has a goliath in Microsoft to deal with, now. Microsoft claims Android is violating nine of the company’s technology patents.

HTC has already licensed these patents from Microsoft. I bet other Android smartphone hardware manufacturers, including Motorola, will either follow HTC or cross-license.

I’m not sure what will happen with HTC vs. Apple, but if Apple wins that will be a big blow to Android. And that would be a significant development as we approach retail availability of Windows Phone 7 smartphones.