Dell Studio Monitors: ST2220, ST2320, ST2420

Dell introduced its new Studio line of LCD monitors sporting LED edge-lit backlights: ST2220 (21.5-inch), ST2320 (23-inch), ST2420 (24-inch). Specs: 1920×1080, 5ms, touch controls, VGA and DVI ports.

I don’t want to be too negative but Dell’s PR machine isn’t giving me a chance to be nice. Though named Studio these monitors don’t belong in one. These most likely make use of terrible-for-your-eyes TN display technology. And Dell mentions “LED displays” and that’s misleading; these are LCDs. The company also boasts of a 7,000,000 to 8,000,000:1 “mega dynamic contrast ratio”. Just forget you read that because it simply isn’t true. In general, completely disregard dynamic contrast ratios.* One last thing: the ST2220 is stated as a 22-incher in Dell’s press release but it is actually a 21.5-inch monitor. FYI, a while back NEC was sued, and lost, for misstating display size. Source: Dell

* Only pay attention to dynamic contrast ratios when the display makes use of two technologies: full LED backlight and local dimming.