iPhone 3,2

Boy Genius Report is claiming iPhone 3,2 has hit the AP testing phase, meaning final hardware & near-final software. The next iPhone has a SIM card slot and is CDMA. That might sound weird at first but it really isn’t. When I was in South Korea many smartphones, including the Motorola Motoroi on SK Telecom that I used briefly, had a USIM card, which looks identical to a GSM SIM card.


A Universal Subscriber Identity Module is an application for UMTS mobile telephony running on a UICC smart card which is inserted in a 3G mobile phone.

The equivalent of USIM on GSM networks is SIM, and on CDMA networks it is CSIM.

If the next iPhone does come to Verizon Wireless, I’ll be wishing I hadn’t renewed with AT&T with the iPhone 4. But I might need to look at my map app while talking on the phone. Source: BGR via Engadget