Engadget: HP webOS 2.0 Review

Joshua Topolsky, Engadget:

… the Pre 2 is not meant as a challenger to the Droid Xs and iPhone 4s of the world.


On the Pre 2, the OS was incredibly fast. We’re talking seriously impressive performance, which just seems to prove that a big part of what webOS is missing is great, high performance hardware. Moving from app to app was extremely light and quick, and opening applications was far faster than on any previous Palm handset or OS version.

A 1GHz Snapdragon has done the trick.

In terms of overall gloss, webOS 2.0 feels like a best-in-class contender, coming off as slicker and more thoughtful than most smartphone OSs on the market.

webOS has always been a close #2 behind iOS for overall classiness. Android has been a distant third. I expect WP7 to easily overtake Android in this regard. It’ll be an interesting three-way match among iOS, webOS and WP7.