Engadget: HTC HD7 Review

Vlad Savov, Engadget:

Ah, the display. The HD7’s meat and potatoes, its reason for being, the meaning to its life, the beating heart of its entire operation. If we haven’t made it abundantly clear yet, the display is this phone’s defining feature and also the thing that will most likely determine its commercial success.

I would put out there that it is the display for all multitouch smartphones’ reason for being.

The trouble with its 4.3-inch panel, however, is that it does indeed both make and break the appeal of the HD7.

Uh oh. Bigger everything means not having to zoom into webpages. Text input is easier, in portrait mode, and harder in landscape mode. Unless you’ve got gigantic hands. But the big problem is:

Alas, where HTC lets us down is in the quality of the panel it’s chosen. We noticed viewing angles weren’t all that hot in our first hands-on experience with the phone and nothing’s happened to make us think differently since. It’s just not a high quality display by today’s standards; it can reach high levels of brightness when you crank it up, but if you care about faithful color reproduction, we’d advise looking elsewhere.

Big display and you’d think HTC would have focused on that display a bit.