Samsung Galaxy Player 50: An Android iPod touch 3G

The Samsung Galaxy Player 50 is exactly what I have been looking for: an iPod touch with 3G. I guess Samsung answered my question: Why doesn’t the iPod touch have 3G?

The Galaxy Player 50 will sport a 4-inch Super AMOLED display and a camera. Not only does the Super AMOLED best the pseudo-Retina Display on the new iPod touch it is bigger. The only thing lacking is the number of pixels.

But more than just the display, the Galaxy Player 50 will usher in a new era of communications: an era where voice becomes optional, an era where you are not required to pay for voice you seldom use. Folks in France get to be part of that new beginning first: the Galaxy Player is already being rolled out there. Lucky them!

The Fortune article that broke this news is stating that the Galaxy Player will be available with or without 3G in different markets. I hope the Galaxy Player comes to the US with 3G. Without 3G the Galaxy Player 50 is merely an iPod touch competitor. With 3G it’s a world beater. This is getting me really excited!

John Gruber, Daring Fireball:

Looks a little thick compared to an iPod Touch, no?

Weak sauce. It’s got 3G, John.

PS: The Samsung Galaxy Player 50 probably has a much better camera than the iPod touch. Actually it will be most difficult to find a smartphone that’s worse than the one used in the iPod touch.

PPS: What do you call these smartphones without a phone?

Update: It doesn’t have 3G, and there’s no reason for it to be as thick as it is. So, yes, it is a little thick compared to an iPod touch.