David Pogue: Office for Mac 2001 Big Step Backward

Davie Pogue, The New York Times:

I think that, in day-to-day usability, Office 2011 is a big step backward.

I wonder why. Pogue only uses Word and Outlook.

  • He doesn’t like the Ribbon because it takes up a lot of vertical space (it really should be on the side).
  • Draft view sucks: character spacing that crash letters into each other making them ugly.
  • Macros suck too.
  • Syncing in Outlook is doggon slow.
  • Many tools and commands from Entourage is gone.
  • Outlook’s AutoComplete is dumb.

The unsurprising thing about the existence of all these bugs is that Microsoft knew about them and decided to sell the buggy software anyway. To Microsoft early adopters like Pogue are beta-testers. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t charge for a beta. Guess we’ll need to wait for the third revision of Office for Mac 2011. Pogue:

… it’s sad to see such unpolished work from Microsoft’s Mac team. Looks like they had their eye on the big-ticket items—and simply left the smaller cookies to crumble.

Like most things from Microsoft, the third time’s the charm.