Engadget: LG Optimus 7 Review

Vlad Savov, Engadget:

The 3.8-inch LCD here looks to be about as generic and run-of-the-mill as you can get these days. It does look to have somewhat better contrast and vibrancy than the HD7… We certainly wouldn’t say that the display is the Optimus 7’s strength, but neither is it a massive weakness. So long as you don’t make the mistake of putting it side by side with the Omnia 7’s Super AMOLED screen, you should be alright.

The 3.8-inch LCD (800×480, of course) is mediocre. Compared to Samsung’s Super AMOLED or LG Display’s Retina Display, not too good.

In terms of the touch experience:

… in our view was excellent on the Optimus 7. You might think that all capacitive touchscreens are born equal, but no sir (or madam), they’re not. The Optimus 7 reacts to actual touches instead of glancing blows like the HTC HD7 panel.

My iPhone 4 seems to register non-touches and mere hovers as touches. It’s good to see that LG got this right on the Optimus 7.