Engadget: Samsung Focus

Joshua Topolsky, Engadget, regarding the Samsung Focus WP7 smartphone:

The screen on the Focus is the same Super AMOLED you’ve seen on all of the company’s recent smartphones, and it does look stunning. As with other OLED screens, we find the colors to be fairly oversaturated, but that doesn’t necessarily detract from the crispness and clearness of the Focus’ display. Text and images just pop like crazy here, and even when zooming around or playing fast-paced games, the screen always looks tremendously sharp. Daylight viewing was fairly good here as well, though it’s not quite as bright as LCD competitors we’ve tested. We’d love to see Samsung work out the color balance issue, but there’s nothing here that’s a deal breaker.

Overexcited colors. That’s about it for any concerns regarding the display. The black is so darn black on that photo!