Craig Mod: Ereader Incompetence

Craig Mod on ereader incompetence:

It’s scary that most of the highly-praised ereaders (such as Wired / New Yorker / Time magazine’s apps) eliminate the inherent accessibility of digital text. Of course, this is a transition period, but why not start off on the right foot? Digital text isn’t the same artifact that printed text is. Let’s not treat it like it is.

Until things improve, I’ll be reading those excellent long-form New Yorker pieces in Instapaper, thanks.

I just use the built-in Reader feature in Safari. I am lucky that I almost always have time to read the online stuff; they are usually short enough. It maybe that I haven’t realized the great benefits of Instapaper, but it hasn’t become a part of my ‘readflow’. Now, if I can just find time to read the real books…