Gizmodo: Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Gizmodo on B&N’s Nook Color:

The new Nook sports a seven inch 1024×600 full-color LCD touchscreen made by LG, accelerometer-enabled for both portrait and landscape orientations. The screen sports a laminated coating that should minimize glare. The pixel density is nice—if you’re comfortable reading books on the iPad, this is better, though in the crappy lighting here it’s hard to judge how awesome the glare-free coating is (or isn’t).

The iPad’s resolution is 131.96 PPI. The Nook Color’s? 169.55 PPI. There is some difference in pixel density but most folks won’t be able to tell the difference between the two. The anti-glare laminated coating should be a big hit on the Nook Color, if it really works without hampering readability.