Trusted Reviews: Samsung SF310

Trusted Reviews on the Samsung SF310:

… the SF310’s 13.3in screen is generally good enough. It sports a standard 1,366 x 768 resolution and features a glossy coating that causes distracting reflections, but also lends colours extra vibrancy and enhances perceived contrast. You get decent dark detailing in films despite the display’s inability to distinguish between the closest dark shades, though this leads to less detail in lighter shades. Backlighting isn’t even but there’s no sign of bleed, sharpness is good and banding almost unnoticeable. While vertical viewing angles are almost inevitably weak, horizontal ones are above par.

I wonder when the display industry will realize glossy reflections are hated. From what I can tell the LCD in the Samsung SF310 seems mediocre. The 13.3-inch LCD might be a 6-bit panel if it isn’t able to distinguish close dark shades. You really do want an 8-bit LCD for millions of colors. And the uneven backlighting isn’t good.