Yamaha PDX-31: Minimalist, Elegant, Sexy iPod iPhone Speaker Dock

via Engadget: The PDX-31 from Yamaha is an iPod/iPhone speaker dock using Apple’s 30-pin dock connector. 3.25-inch speakers pump out your tunes and a remote control comes along for the ride. I really appreciate the minimalist approach to design: the singular focus on music with the all-encompassing color-matched mesh up front.

Apple took a gander at one of these with its iPod Hi-Fi. It also had a similar design. I think it would have faired better if it was introduced today and with color options for the front speaker cover. The iPod Hi-Fi was aimed at folks who could appreciate music but weren’t willing to deal with all the clutter. But at US$350 it was too expensive for us regular folk.

The PDX-31 comes in light gray, dark red, and black, but for just $169.95. Buy it at this Amazon link and I’ll get a small kickback.