Engadget: ExoPC

Joanna Stern at Engadget:

… the ExoPC’s 11.6-inch screen is extremely glossy, and though the company claims it has a fingerprint resistant coating, the panel still picked up our prints faster than Sherlock Holmes.

Glossy has got to go and there must be an easy way to make displays fingerprint resistant.

… the display itself is sufficiently bright, and its 1366 x 768- resolution makes a huge difference… Not only is it great for watching 720p content, but it’s the optimal resolution for surfing the web in horizontal mode. Speaking of screen orientation, we did find the accelerometer to be slower to adjust than other Atom-powered tablets like the Tega v2 — it does that quick black flicker thing like all the others, but stalls for about a second longer.

Most websites are designed with a width of 768 pixels in mind, probably because when the worldwide web started to gain traction the displays were mostly 1024×768.

The tardy re-orientation could get annoying rather quickly.

… colors are quick to fade when the screen is tilted off axis to about a 120-degree angle and vertical angles are narrower than we’d like. We were still able to share the screen with a friend while sitting in a small train seat, but clearly the iPad’s IPS display has set the bar very high in terms of tablet screens.

A tablet with terrible viewing angles. I guess that could be good for those who deal with sensitive information. For blokes like me a bad display is a deal breaker and the ExoPC doesn’t make the cut.