Engadget: HTC Desire HD

Engadget on the HTC Desire HD:

A prime reason as to why that battery runs down so fast is, of course, the inclusion of a jumbo 4.3-inch screen on the Desire HD. We said this with the HD7 and it bears repeating here: although the Desire HD has the same 800 x 480 screen resolution as the original Desire, the simple act of magnifying that resolution onto a larger display just makes operating the phone easier.

The HTC Desire HD lasts a day, if you’re extremely frugal. The larger display does make reading stuff off of the display easier. As to the larger display helping to ease operations, well, I beg to differ. Unless you have gigantic hands it will be almost impossible for your to operate the Desire HD with one hand. In landscape mode you probably will not be able to thumb type. But thumb typing in portrait mode should be much more comfortable. I think a 4.3-inch display is too big for a smartphone for folks with regular-sized hands.