AOC e2243Fw: Slim 23-inch LED-Backlit 1080p LCD Monitor

Engadget: The AOC e2243Fw is a 23-inch LED-backlit LCD monitor that sports a 1920×1080 pixel format. The 12.9mm-thick monitor has VGA & DVI connections and a 5ms response time.

The AOC e2243Fw is certainly eye-candy. But don’t ask me to pay more for that slim design. A slim profile does appeal aesthetically but it has almost zero functional value to me. I am certainly not mounting this monitor on the wall. Nor will I be using a monitor mount; as far as I can tell the e2243Fw doesn’t come with VESA compatible holes. And the base is about 10 times as thick.

Instead of investing resources to making monitors thinner monitor manufacturers should focus on making the displays better. For too many years digital camera brands fought over how many pixels they could cram into the image sensor. The result was digital cameras that had image sensors with lots of pixels but took crappy photos. They finally realized what they were doing was stupid and now are focused on capturing better photos. I would hope monitor makers would do the same. Instead of focusing on making the displays thinner monitor brands should focus on making the monitors display better quality text and images.