TSA: Resistance

Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic, on the TSA’s new pat-down procedure that requires meeting resistance, a.k.a your balls:

… the obvious goal of the TSA is to make the pat-down embarrassing enough for the average passenger that the vast majority of people will choose high-tech humiliation over the low-tech ball check.

That high-tech humiliation involves a back-scatter body imaging device, affectionately called “The Dick-Measuring Device” that sees under your clothing.

The machine captures an image of your naked self, including your genitals, and sends the image to an agent in a separate room.

What happens when the guys in the separate room thinks they see something?

The pat-down, while more effective than previous pat-downs, will not stop dedicated and clever terrorists from smuggling on board small weapons or explosives. When I served as a military policeman in an Israeli army prison, many of the prisoners “bangled” contraband up their asses. I know this not because I checked, but because eventually they told me this when I asked.

I’m driving to CES.