Android Steals Market Share From BlackBerry

Ars Technica:

Looking at the quarter-to-quarter and year-over-year changes, it’s apparent that Android is gobbling up BlackBerry users, rather than the iOS ones so frequently targeted by Android-related ad campaigns. BlackBerry held 28 percent of the market only a few months ago in the second quarter, and its loss of six percentage points in Q3 appears to have contributed to Android’s 11-point gain.

The iPhone 4 still dominates, followed by the BlackBerry Curve 8850 (#2), LG Cosmos (#3), Motorola Droid X (#4) and the HTC EVO 4G (#5). It must be just in the SF Bay Area and Manhattan where AT&T really sucks, which is the reason why I will be ditching the iPhone 4 and going with a Verizon Android.