Apple Dead Pixel Policy


… iPhones and iPods with just one pixel anomaly should be repaired or replaced. MacBook Air models, however, can have up to three light pixels, up to five dark pixels or up to seven combined anomalies before they should be repaired or replaced.

You have the 27-inch iMac? You’ll need to have 16 or more pixel defects. If I was a proud owner of a new 27-inch iMac I expect there to be zero pixel defects. The problem is with LCD manufacturers: they are not capable of manufacturing LCDs with zero pixel defects at reasonable costs.

Of note, Apple’s policy allows Mac Geniuses to offer exchange services even if pixel anomalies are within acceptable ranges. If the customer receives a replacement product with even more anomalies, but it is still within the acceptable range, further exchanges are not permitted.

Understandable, but irritating.