Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2: Official

DPReview: The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2 is official. The GF2 is the successor to the GF1, which was a ground-breaking Micro Four Thirds mirror-less interchangeable lens camera in the shape of a rangefinder. The GF2 has the same number of pixels (12.1 million) but the 4/3 Live MOS image sensor is updated and combined with a new Venus FHD engine.

The GF2 is 7% lighter and 19% smaller. The dimensions are 4.4×2.7×1.3 inches (GF1: 4.7×2.8×1.4). So the GF2 is smaller all around. The GF2 weighs 265g (GF1: 285g).

There is a 3-inch touch LCD with an anti-reflective coating that should help when shooting in bright environments. You can focus by touching the display while in either still or video modes, just like you would on recent iPhones.

You can capture 1080/60i and 720/60p video in 17Mbps AVCHD. Not surprisingly an optical viewfinder is absent. The GF2 is expected to ship in January in silver, red, white, and black. Pricing in the UK: £599.99 with optically stabilized 14-42mm zoom lens, £629.99 (with 14mm f/2.5 lens, £729.99 (both 14-42mm & 14mm lenses).