Samsung Mobile Display 7-inch Super AMOLED

etnews (Korean): Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) will be showcasing its 7-inch Super AMOLED display at the FPD International 2010 show in Japan. Prototypes mind you. Volume production is slated for mid-2011, perfect timing for the second generation Samsung “Galaxy Tab S”. The current 7-inch TFT LCD in the Galaxy Tab packs a pixel format of 1024×600. The 7-inch Super AMOLED prototype sports a 1200×600 and will make the aspect ratio exactly 2:1.

The wider stance makes some sense. Even though the 7-inch Galaxy Tab is a lot easier to hold with one hand than the 4:3 9.7-inch iPad, there are some folks with smaller-than-average hands. The wider 2:1 Galaxy Tab S will pack more pixels and be easier to hold with one hand.

The Galaxy Tab S will be easier to thumb-type in portrait mode, too. In portrait mode the future Galaxy Tab S would have a width of 3.13 inches, just a little wider than the 2.91 inches, which is the width of the iPhone’s display in landscape.