ViewSonic VG2236wm-LED, VG2436wm-LED

Engadget: ViewSonic’s VG36-LED series LCD monitors come in two sizes: the 22-inch VG2236wm-LED and the 24-inch VG2436wm-LED. Both sport 1920×1080 pixel formats, VGA & DVI connectivity, and EPEAT Gold certifications.

The LED backlight is most likely edge-lit so don’t expect these to look any better than your typical CCFL backlit monitors. These VG36-LED monitors will certainly resume from sleep much faster though. In terms of the VG36-LED series monitors being green? Well, the LED backlight doesn’t use mercury-filled CCFLs, so that’s a good thing. But the best thing to do for the environment is to keep using the monitor that’s in front of you. The VG2236wm-LED is US$229 and the VG2436wm-LED is $259.