Craig Mod shares his initial thoughts on the Panasonic GF2.

Craig Mod on the Panasonic GF2:

All things considered, it looks like a sensible update to a great camera€” a realignment, if you will. Many will undoubtably lament the touchscreen LCD and removal of external controls, but it’€™s hard to say definitively if these changes are positive or negative until we spend some time with the body. I think our biggest fear is that these are simply changes for the sake of marketing and not changes for the sake of improved experience.

Maybe manual controls are not necessary if the camera takes good enough photos in automatic mode. That’s how I use my NEX-5; I just turn it on and start taking photos and they turn out quite well. So maybe the lack of a physical dial on top of the Panasonic GF2 isn’t such a big deal, especially if you’re in auto most of the time. But I don’t think that’s what the folks at Panasonic were thinking.

The touchscreen controls on the LCD seem to be designed to get you more involved in the photo-taking process. In the promotional video some of these touch controls seem to work like the “Defocus Control” slider, but some others like choosing the “REC MODE PROGRAM AE” would be better off using a simple but real dial.

Just a quick note on the quality of the LCD and the design of the icons. There doesn’t seem to be enough pixels to render fonts without pixelation. The UI reminds me of stuff from a decade ago and the icons generally lack elegance.