Engadget: Dell XPS 14 Review


The 1366×768-resolution, 14.0-inch WLED display is quite bright, and was crisp enough when watching a 720p Jackass 3D trailer. There’s no higher resolution screen option on the 14 — you’ve got to go up to the 15 or 17 to nab a 1920 x 1080-resolution display. The panel itself is decent, although horizontal viewing angles are a bit problematic – tilting the screen back a bit while sitting on a table caused color distortion. Vertical angles were better.

Probably meant to say horizontal viewing angles were better. XPS doesn’t necessarily mean good displays. When you have a diminutive 11.6-inch MacBook Air sporting 1366×768, you’ve got to start wondering what Dell is doing coming out with a 14-inch “high-end” notebook with the same pixel format with no other options. It’s priced to sell though at US$899 with a Core i5.