Engadget: T-Mobile myTouch 4G Review


The 3.8-inch 800 x 480 really “pops” color and brightness-wise, although the viewing angles don’t quite match Super AMOLED or the best LCDs we’ve seen. It’s also very readable outdoors, though our current weather patterns didn’t allow for testing it under direct sunlight.

Colors that pop might sound good but in reality you want colors that pop less because less-popping colors general tend to point to more accurate colors. Overall the display seems to be quite good, just not competitive with the best, which are as of now the IPS-based Retina Display (LCD) in the iPhone 4 and the Super AMOLED-based smartphones largely by Samsung. By the way, that 4G suffix really means 3.5G, which is much better than AT&T’s 3G where I am.