Loewe Individual 40 Compose


The single most significant improvement over past Loewe flat TVs comes with black level response. The set’s edge LED system delivers really deep, natural black colours, troubled by remarkably little of the grey clouding usually associated with LCD TVs. What’s more, provided you’re sensible with the set’s brightness and contrast settings, dark scenes are seldom blighted by signs of inconsistent backlight levels.

With dark scenes and dark parts of otherwise bright pictures also exhibiting clear signs of the subtle shadow detail often crushed out by lesser LCD TVs, Loewe is now up there with the best Sony and maybe even Philips have to offer on the edge LED contrast front.

And it better for £3,550, starting. The photo you see above will cost an additional £1,450 for the surround sound speaker bar and £545 for the chrome stand. Edge-lit LED backlighting technology has come a long way, but I would rather invest in a full LED backlight with advanced local dimming capabilities. The Loewe Individual 40 Compose does look quite nice.