TrustedReviews: HTC Desire Z


Though this phone’s 3.7in screen may not top the charts when it comes to size, it certainly wears the crown when it comes to quality. Its saturation, contrast, and viewing angles are exceptional for an LCD panel and it’s beautifully crystal clear and sharp so beats all AMOLED displays going. Only the iPhone 4 beats it in our opinion and that’s really only down to that screen having a slightly higher resolution – 960 x 640 pixels versus 800 x 480 pixels. Quite simply, the Desire HD should have had this screen!

That’s some high praise. I do think the PenTile Matrix-based OLED displays from Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) have a bit of a problem with making text crystal clear. For my personal experience with it, read ATT Samsung Captivate: Fuzzy Text.