Adobe and Microsoft to Fend off Apple

The New York Times:

One person familiar with the discussion said the two companies had talked about the blockade that Apple’s chief executive, Steven P. Jobs, had placed on Adobe’s Flash software for its handheld devices and whether a partnership by Adobe and Microsoft could fend off Apple, which continues to grow at juggernaut speeds.

Adobe got pissed off at Apple because of Flash. Microsoft wants to crush Apple in the smartphone market. There are two problems with Flash on mobile devices: performance and battery life. Even with the latest hardware Flash video can be jerky, game controls are awkward, the overall system slows down and battery life suffers. Laptop regarding Flash Player 10.1:

Based on my early experience with Flash Player 10.1 for mobile, it could soon join the floppy drive in the tech graveyard, something else Steve Jobs helped kill.

Windows Phone 7 + Flash sounds like it would be the wrong decision for Microsoft.