MSI CX620: 15.6-inch 3D Notebook PC

MSI: The MSI CX620 is a 3D notebook PC sporting a 15.6-inch LCD. For some reason MSI doesn’t quite come out and say it: the pixel format is stated as 16:9 HD. Which probably means 1366×768. Quite mediocre. There is no mention of a 120Hz frequency either. The reason? MSI is using polarized 3D graphics on the CX620:

The CX620 3D employs the principle of circular polarization to separate light rays and deflect them in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions to form true-to-life 3D images. The CX620 3D multimedia laptop has three image modes. It offers realistic three-dimensional visual effects, converts 2D images and photos to 3D, and, when you are performing tasks, such as word processing, you can choose the conventional 2D mode. The CX620 is the perfect laptop for all of your 2D and 3D needs.

That’s an exaggeration if I ever saw one.