Apple Incites Negative Campaigning Against Flash

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch on Fast Company:

I just think there’s this negative campaigning going on, and, for whatever reason, Apple is really choosing to incite it, and condone it. I think that’s unfortunate. We don’t think it’s good for the web to have aspects closed off–a blockade of certain types of expression. There’s a decade of content out there that you just can’t view on Apple’s device, and I think that’s not only hurtful to Adobe, but hurtful to everyone that created that content.

There is a lot of stuff that’s a decade old that we no longer can view on Apple’s devices, on Dell’s devices, on HP’s devices. That’s part of progress and I think we are progressing well toward HTML5.

I think it was the first iMac. Apple decided that it would get rid of floppy drives. TDK along with many others used to make floppy disks. What if the TDK CTO came out and pointed fingers at Apple accusing the company of inciting and condoning a negative campaign against floppy drives? That would be absurd.

If someone really wanted to access that decade-old content, is Apple stopping him? No. All he needs is a… hmm… one of the few smartphones that can actually run Flash. The only device on the tablet side that comes to mind that runs Flash is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. And if you’re on a computer, even a Mac, just install the Flash Player. Just be aware that your battery life might suffer a great deal. In the case of the new MacBook Airs the penalty seems to be about two hours.

Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber:

So it’s a First Amendment issue now? And how did Apple incite anything? All they did was start shipping Macs without Flash Player pre-installed. They didn’t even mention that fact publicly. It wasn’t mentioned on stage at the announcement event. And their battery life claims for the new MacBook Airs were measured with Flash Player installed. It’s not Apple who’s inciting anything. It’s people who are realizing just how much of a drain on battery life Flash Player is.

I’m glad Apple decided to not install Flash Player by default. Apple not only saved a lot of time and resources the move also helped others who would have had to spend their own time uninstalling it. I want to leave you with this thought: Apple, by its very nature, incites, but in a good way.